Table of Contents


Chapter One - 2005-2010: Context for Chico’s Climate Action Plan

2030 General Plan

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change

Implications of Climate Change for California

Climate Change Regulations

Chico Climate Action Efforts


GHG Emissions: Inventory, Future Projection,and Reduction Target

Chapter Two - Climate Action Goals

Climate Action Plan Timeline & Targets

Sector Goals

Chapter Three - Phase I

Phase I Actions

Chapter Four - Phase II

Second Comprehensive GHG Inventory

CAP Review and Amendment

Phase II Actions

Summary of CAP Emissions Reductions

Beyond 2020


Appendix A-1: Community And Municipal Greenhouse Gas And Criteria Air Pollutantt Emissions Inventory

Appendix A-2 : Emissions Factor Adjustments

Appendix A-3 : Derivation of Growth Rates for Adjustment to ‘BAU’ Emissions Projections

Appendix B: Business As Usual Emissions Projections

Appendix C-1: Emissions Factors & Cost Calculations for Cost Benefit Analysis

Appendix C-2: Cost Benefit Analysis of Energy, Water, and Transportation Sector Actions

Appendix D-1: Calculation Of GHG Emissions Reductions for Phase I Transportation Actions

Appendix D-2: Calculation Of GHG Emissions Reductions for Phase I Energy Sector Actions

Appendix D-3: Calculation Of GHG Emissions Reductions for Phase II Energy Sector Actions

Appendix D-4: Calculation Of GHG Emissions Reductions for Phase I Waste & Community Outreach Actions

Appendix E: Cost-Benefit Analysis of City-Implemented Projects in Phase I

Appendix F: GHG Emissions Reductions from External Actions